US’ Energy’s Present Situation

Wind Energy

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US energy future unfolding?

While total energy consumption is slightly down, natural gas, wind and solar sourcing are up.  The most surprising change in US energy sourcing is that from 2011 to 2012, coal use is down 12% for the period.  Another interesting figure is in power generation.  Almost 40% of our energy consumption is used to generate electricity. Petroleum use is down a bit and nuclear has also dropped due to four plants being shut down.

While the trend is slow, it’s also clear.  Cleaner sources are growing and consumers, business and industry alike are reducing energy use. If you’re an environmentalist, this news is encouraging.  If you’re a consumer, you can find satisfaction in your energy bills.

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Recycle in 6 Easy Steps…

Recycle-get this...

Recycle-get this… (Photo credit: practicalowl)

I’ve been a big fan of recycling. It starts at the home, in which I did. I write little post-its, around my kitchen can, so that the correct items would be placed in the correct bins. I became very strict with my family because I wanted to teach them, how important recycling is to the WORLD.

I hate trash, I hate seeing it thrown from drivers or passengers just out the window, without any care or respect for others. Our planet would be safer and cleaner if the schools would imply on this information to the students, and teach them from that point, so as they are growing up they will learn to respect (at least some of them).

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Getting Aware to Internet Solar Energy Scam

RSI111scam alert

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Shopping on the internet can be a tricky business, especially when everybody is claiming that their product is better than the rest. So how do you successfully navigate your way through the sea of businesses eager to sell you their product? How can you tell who is legitimate and who is not? You can begin by recognizing a few simple tricks employed when designing the layout of a site.

These include drawing the reader in with flashy attention grabbing titles that promise a product that offers what others don’t, making the reader feel that they would be missing out if they didn’t purchase their products, and offering very competitive rates on their products to name but a few.

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The Science of Getting the Best of Your Home

Renovation Progress

Renovation Progress (Photo credit: nonformality)

The construction industry is improving as home builders and remodelers learn about building science and apply it to their work. Here are eleven building science secrets that every home builder and remodeler should know. This article covers the myth of “houses that need to breathe” and tackles other important efficiency and insulation standards that are important for you to know. The article also pays special attention to the do’s and dont’s of attics, including duct systems, kneewalls and power ventilators. Remember, codes don’t build good homes and rules don’t equal compliance! Competent, properly trained, experienced consultations and technicians are responsible for the institution and maintenance of best practices. Results matter, so remember to think about the individual needs of your client.


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Automation and Controls Technician: 101 Means to Be At Your Best

Technician evaluating specimen

Technician evaluating specimen (Photo credit: IITA Image Library)

There is an immense amount of responsibility that comes with being a Building Automation and Controls Technician. Most people (even the technicians themselves) have no idea how important and vital the roles these important tradesmen (and women) play in our lives. Veterans of the industry take note: Abel B Martinez II, a 14-year technician himself, has come up with 101 ways to become a bona fide all-star in the field. Get out your pen and paper and take notes, whether you’re a greenhorn or have years of experience under your belt, you are sure to learn a thing or two that you might have never thought of before.


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Pros and Con of Conditioning Your Ducts

Aparelho de ar condicionado

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Your air conditioner will function far more efficiently what the ducts are moved into air conditioned space. Savings between fifteen to twenty five percent are commonly realized when this is done. The best methods to accomplish this range from raising or lowering your ceilings to bring the duct within air conditioned space, and ducting some cooled air into the existing duct space. Duct work can also be moved to between air conditioned floors to increase efficiency. There is at least one rather undesirable method of accomplishing this task, while you may realize the same savings, rerouting your duct work and leaving it exposed in the living area of your home is not recommended!


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Learn From My Top 10 Green Home Building Mistakes

4605283154_d037f746a6_mWhen building a green house, there are a few beginner’s mistakes to keep an eye out for. The first problem is feeling ambitious and trying to complete everything yourself, you need to own a large variety of tools, the job is too long for renting tools.

While a lot of tasks can be handled by a beginner,tasks like creating the electrical system require a trained professional. Its more than the electrical system, problems like properly designing the basement or air ducts can grow out of proportion as you find your greenhouse growing larger and larger than expected making things costly and difficult.


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Need To Check Your Home Insulation?

Energy House Home Insulation

Energy House Home Insulation (Photo credit: jinjaSi)

The insulation that lines your walls of your home can save you a lot of money on your utility bills.


Insulation acts as a barrier to keep the hot or cool air you pump into your house inside the house and keep the hot or cool air outside of the house. However, if you live in a old house, there may not be any insulation in your walls.


There are several tools you can use to check your walls for insulation, and this article will guide you through the process.


One method is to unhook the light switch cover on your wall, thus opening a small hole in the wall through which you can look for insulation.



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Is Your 3 Ton AC Unit Actually 3 Tons?

Lente? / Spring?

Themometer(Photo credit: mooste)

You may have ordered a new air conditioner for your home based on the title and the capacity it says that it can reach. But that all may have been false advertising. There are a number of reasons why the mass or weight scale of your air conditioning unit may not be accurate or may be a complete misrepresentation of the product in question.


Also, when the unit cools, you will notice that sometimes it works better than others, but you wills till have the same reading on the temperature scale. This can be due to outside conditions and not the functioning of your air conditioning unit at all.


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Steam Those Germs To Death!

A bed bug nymph feeding on host

A bed bug nymph feeding on host (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have considered fumigating your home, you have probably heard of all the negative side-effects that the deadly fumes can have.


Consider using steam instead of fumigating. Steam can kill the bugs and other infestations that bring bacteria and viruses along with them. This can dramatically improve your quality of life inside your home.


The high pressure and high temperature steam can also kill the bugs that live in your bed. This article also recommends that a particular brand of steam cleaner be used, although it is not clear that it is better or needed. Steam does not cause mold growth and can even remove mold.


Green Cleaning: Using Steam to Kill Germs and Bed Bugs