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General information about R22 refrigerant

Chemical Formula CAS Registry # Color & Odor Refrigerant Applications
CHClF2 75-45-6 Colorless liquid with slight ether like odor low & medium temperature refrigeration and air conditioning

Physical Data

Molecular Mass Boiling Point C° Boiling Point F° Critical Temperature C° Critical Temperature F° Critical Pressure MPa Critical Pressure psia
86.47 -40.8 -41.4 96.2 205.2 4.99 724

Toxicity & Global Warming Data


Years of Atmospheric Lifetime

Ozone Depletion Potential

Global Warming Potential





Packaging Information

Packaged in

Volumes available in pounds

Color of Container

Pressurized cylinders

30, 50, 125, 875, 1750

Light Green

Shipping Information

DOT Shipping Name

Hazard Class

UN/NA Number

Packing Group

Labels Required




nonflammable gas


ARI 700 Reclaim Standards

Isomer Content by weight

Air and other non-condensables % by volume @ 25°C

Water in ppm by weight

All other impurities including refrigerants as % by weight

Oil and other high boiling residues as % by volume

Particulates/solids visually clean to pass

Acidity as ppm by weight

Chloride (pass/fail is 3 ppm)










Alternative Refrigerant Option for R-22 Chillers
(Alternative will require retrofit and maybe new equipment)

Alternative Composition Manufacturers Trade Names
HFC-134a N/A DupontAllied Signal

Elf Atochem

ICI Americas


SUVA -134aGenetron 134a

Forane 134a

KLEA 134a


R-407C HFC-32 – 23%HFC-125 – 25%

HFC-134a – 52%

DuPontICI Americas SUVA AC 9000KLEA 407C
R-410A HFC-32 – 50%HFC-125 – 50% Allied SignalDuPont AZ-20SUVA AC 9100
R-410B HFC-32 – 45%HFC-125 – 55% DuPont