Buying Back Your Refrigerants For Cash…

refrigerant-cashRefrigerant Supply, Inc. pays cash for used refrigerant. Whether you have used dirty gas evacuated from systems, or sealed virgin surplus cylinders, your refrigerant translates into cash revenue for you or your business. Refrigerant Supply will pick-up the gas at no charge to you.


Evacuating a large chiller system? Refrigerant Supply Inc. will deliver empty 125 or 1000-pound cylinders. These clean empty cylinders are shipped under a vacuum to help speed along your evacuation.


If you prefer to use your cylinders, Refrigerant Supply Inc. will evacuate, clean and return them at no charge to you. Refrigerant Supply pays all shipping charges, and makes all logistical arrangements. This includes both delivery of our empty cylinders, as well as pick-up of the full cylinders.

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Overcoming SF6 Phantom Emissions

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Reclaim SF6? Or buy a Virgin One?

Using SF6 has been very popular for a long time now. The issue is that, although SF6 is a great material, it also leaves behind at tremendous amount of greenhouse gas and this is extremely bad for the environment. In order to address this issue, users of SF6 can consider the use of reclaimed SF6 as opposed to using Virgin SF6. It explains … [Read More...]

What will Happen to HVAC Companies Upon Government Shutdown?

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