Q and A about Buying Gas from Refrigerant Supply, Inc.

I don’t want to buy recycled refrigerants. Can you sell me DuPont Freon 12?


Good luck with that one. For a single 30-pound cylinder, EBay periodically has one, but finding a sizable quantity of virgin CFC gas from an OEM is next to impossible. Refrigerant Supply is legally required to clean their gas to ARI-700 standards. This is the same purity standard to which the gas was originally manufactured. Often, our gas is cleaned to a higher purity than to which it was originally manufactured.


Can you sell me a 30-pounds cylinder of R-22?


No. Refrigerant Supply is a wholesaler of refrigerant gas. We sell CFC’s in minimum quantities of 600 pounds and HCFC’s and HFC’s in pallet (1,200 pound) quantities. If you are buying a 30 pound cylinder, you should go to your local Johnston Supply. Shipping costs would make this more expensive to purchase from any other vendor, than a local one.


Does Refrigerant Supply sell gas in cylinders other than 30 pounds?


Yes, most gases are available in 125, and 1,000 pounds cylinders. Fully refundable cylinder deposits of $200 for 125’s and $1,400 on 1,000-pound cylinders are returned receipt of our cylinders at our facility. We can coordinate transportation, but will charge you for the transportation cost.


Does Refrigerant Supply sell refrigerant to customers outside the USA?


Rarely, due to credit, legal, and economic conditions. Refrigerant Supply has had bad experiences with overseas collections. Irrelevant of a “letter of credit” Refrigerant Supply.