Halon Buyback

Cash for your Halon

Refrigerant Supply Inc. actively purchases your halon, as well as selling halon to its customers. As halon are illegal to manufacture or import into the United States, our purchase, of your halon, is just as important as our halon sales.

Refrigeration Supply maintains a minimal inventory of halon. Refrigerant Supply usually has your halon sold, prior to receiving it from you. While Refrigerant Supply maintains a minimal inventory, we have immediate access to unlimited volumes of halon. Our policy of minimal inventory, drastically cuts our operating costs. In turn this drastically cuts our halon pricing for clients purchasing material from us, as well as allowing us to offer much higher purchase prices for refrigerant. Whether purchasing or selling halon, pricing is contingent upon the type, and volume. Refrigerant Supply is paying money for halon 1301, and halon 1211. Halon 236 is accepted at no payment.

Refrigerant Supply is not accepting halon FM200, or FE13. Refrigerant Supply looks forward to servicing your halon needs.