Overcoming SF6 Phantom Emissions

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In any business, it is important to take an accurate inventory of assets, and to be sure that the inventory statistics remain accurate, regular follow-up inventory inspections serve as an excellent means, of discovering and repairing any reasons, for a non balanced report.

Entering the results, of taking inventory, into an app, and then backing up the data makes the process much more convenient. It isn’t difficult, to discover an SF6 leak, but in the event that this occurs, such information can, easily be added to the inventory tracking application’s records, which will figure such factors into the inventory balance.

The product is quite costly, today, and the price is likely to increase, with fewer SF6-dependant devices being produced, in favor of more advanced, eco-friendly alternatives that are emerging. This makes having accurate inventory statistics important.

Read the whole story here – http://refrigerantauthority.com/how-to-avoid-phantom-emissions/


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