4 Reasons Why Counterfeit Refrigerants Should be Avoided

There are four good reasons why counterfeit refrigerants should be avoided. First, using counterfeit and illegally imported refrigerants can cause you or your company financial harm from lawsuits, penalties or fines.


Second, there could be physical safety impacts, including death or serious injury to employees, resulting from explosions that can occur when counterfeit refrigerants are exposed to other products.


If someone is injured, it can lead to lawsuits and negative exposure. Third, counterfeit refrigerants should be avoided because they can adversely impact your company’s equipment.


Lastly, these fraudulent products do damage to the environment as harmful blends are released into the atmosphere. The counterfeit refrigerant problem has developed as R-22 has been phased out and illegal blended mixtures are being sold online and elsewhere.


4 Reasons Why Counterfeit Refrigerants Should be Avoided

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