7 Key Energy Management Strategies for Stores

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In today’s economy, retailers and their service contractors face a tough challenge. They must find ways to spend their energy dollars wisely while keeping the store customers happy. It’s not an easy talk, but fortunately there are seven strategies that retailers and contractors can use to stretch the energy budget and keep the all-important retail customer coming back.


The strategies include: designing for energy efficiency in the first place; upgrading for increased energy efficiency as equipment ages and becomes inefficient; using an energy management sytem to identify energy savings opportunities; use energy savings strategies such as load shedding; measure usage regularly to look for potential improvements; know the supply side by being smart with energy purchase decisions and checking bills; and sustain the effort on a long-term basis.


By using these seven strategies, retailers and their contractors can reduce energy usage and save money, without losing customers.


7 Key Energy Management Strategies for Stores


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