A New Developed Chiller Technology

Ground source heating and cooling

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Durex Industries located in Cary, Illinois has announced a new patent pending item that has developed a new Chiller Technology. The mechanism is capable of reaching heating degrees of 100°C to 450°C per second and cooling capability to descend from 450°C to 100°C per second.

This multilayer monolithic ceramic  technology will revolutionize the heating and cooling industry.

As one of the leading designers in North America, Durex Industries is proudly awaiting approval to introduce this new idea to the industry. Everyone in the heating and cooling industry, keep your ears and eyes open for this astounding new technology.

This is here to stay! Thermal systems and controls will never be the same. Check out the breakdown of this new technology for yourself!

For more information, click here – http://news.thomasnet.com/fullstory/Chiller-Heater-uses-multilayer-monolithic-ceramic-technology-20015332

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