AC Refrigerant Leak Detection

refrigerant-tankIt can be frustrating when AC systems do not work as you expect them to. Many times, it means that the unit has a refrigerant leak.  Undetected refrigerant leaks can be very damaging to your AC system, and they are very common. R-22 is the most common refrigerant but is being replaced by Puron, also known as R-410A. This refrigerant is used by the AC system to transfer heat. There are a few places where a refrigerant leak could be:


1. Condensing/Evaporating coil – Requires replacement to the coil

2. Valve or access port – Valve can be cleaned by an AC technician, replacing the access port requires smoldering

3. Severe Corrosion – If the unit is severely corroded, a solder repair is not possible, so AC replacement is the most economical option.


There are tax credits available for purchase and install of new AC units.

Tackling AC Refrigerant Leaks

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