Calculating The Cost Savings for Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection

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Most companies know that refrigerant gas leaks cost money, but not all of them have a handle on the true short- and long-term costs. Fortunately, there are a couple of user-friendly online calculators available at not cost to assist in the number crunching exercise.


To start with, carbon emissions calculator for The Real Zero campaign, which was developed for the Institute of Refrigeration, helps identify such factors as the cost of replacement refrigerant, technician time to repair the system and materials and considers downtime costs.


Taking it a step further means you have to look at associated costs when a leak occurs, as well as the value of stock that must be sold to recoup the cost of replacing the leaked refrigerant gas.


To help with these calculations, refer to the U.S. EPA’s Greenchill Financial Impact Calculator. Using these calculators requires a little time and effort but it’s sure to pay off in cost savings.



Calculating the cost savings for refrigerant gas leak detection

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