Carbon Explosions: Man vs. Volcano

Volcanic eruption between Myrdalsjokull and Ey...

(Photo credit: Narisa)

According to some climate change skeptics, human activity only contributes to a fraction of the global carbon emissions, which is one of the greenhouse gases.


They cite studies showing that man-made carbon emissions are only about 3% of he total, with the rest caused by natural sources such as volcanic eruptions. There’s no denying that volcanoes and other natural events play a big part in determining the Earth’s climate, but the small percentage of man-made carbon emissions is tipping nature’s balance and leading to the climate change problems we are now witnessing.


While the earth has a response to volcanic eruptions and other natural events, man-made activity adds a new dimension to the mix and worsens the impact of natural occurrences.

Carbon Explosions: Man vs. Volcano

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