Checklist For HVAC Cleaning

English: HVAC, factory-assembled cooling tower...

English: HVAC, factory-assembled cooling tower installed at a hospital. Photo by Eric Dreher (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the heat of summer descends on us, now is the time to ensure that your facility’s cooling system is prepared to handle the heavy loads it will bear the next few months. If you live in a place where the cooling season never really ends, you should be properly cleaning your system once a quarter. If you live in more temperate regions, your system should be cleaned at both the beginning and the end of the season.


At a minimum, there are three key components of your air conditioning system that need to be cleaned: chiller tubes, air conditioning coils, and cooling towers. Each of these components, without being given the proper attention, can be a haven for bacteria, algae, mildew and other organisms that you certainly do not want in your purview. Each component requires certain steps and certain substances in order to be cleaned properly.


Here is a link to the checklists:

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