Compact HVAC Systems Compatible for High Rises Buildings

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LG Electronics announces a new and compact HVAC system that is designed for high-rises and eliminates the hassle of larger and more complex machines. Previously, large buildings had to make do with large rooftop and other outdoor assemblies.

By contrast, the LG Multi V Water Mini weighs 168 pounds and can easily fit into any closet. The unit operates quietly and requires no cumbersome electrical upgrades. In addition, the Water Mini’s new compressor design and optimized heat exchanger reduces energy consumption and cost, as determined by AHRI.

The Multi V Water Mini is the first entrant in a new generation of HVAC systems from LG that aim to reduce energy use, decrease floor space requirements and simplify operations. With the Water Mini, LG is poised to enter a growing market where consumers can take advantage of HVAC technology without the associated hassles.

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