Cooling Tower Maintenance Tips

300px-Central_air.svg_Often too much attention is given to an air conditioner’s chiller rather then its cooling tower. However, considering the importance of the cooling tower in the efficient operation of the chiller, more time should be spent on the maintenance of the cooling tower. In addition to effecting the efficient operation of the chiller, cooling towers can become a reservoir for disease.




Algae and bacterial growth can be serious problems for not only the proper operation the cooling tower but the safety of the building’s occupants. Fortunately, Goodway has developed a number of products for cleaning and maintaining cooling towers. Among them are the revolutionary Cooling Tower Vacuum that allows you to clean cooling towers without draining the tank or shutting down the entire system; TowerShine for dissolving tough deposits; MoldTek and MoldTek-XC for killing bacteria; ScaleBreak for preventing the buildup of scales; and Pancare for preventing bacterial growth in the first place.


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