Do You Shop “Made In America” When Possible?

made in china

made in china (Photo credit: mandiberg)

One of the biggest drawbacks of more consumer goods being made overseas is the fact that many a finished product ends up on shelves already damaged or defective.


As consumers, builders, electricians etc we have almost been trained into expecting less-than-quality products from overseas when low expectations should not be the norm. Much time and energy is wasted when a product is made too quickly and assembled and packaged for sale by untrained hands. It isn’t just important to shop ‘Made in America’ because we need to support our economy and jobs as a nation.


It’s important to shop ‘Made in America’ because the consumer goods have a more strict approval process to make it to consumer and this saves time and energy. Overall it costs consumers and manufacturers more time, energy and money to make and sell a cheap product than it does to create a solid quality product. The manufacture of cheap items contributes to unsustainable environmental practices and unsustainable business practices.


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