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Indoor air quality

Indoor air quality (Photo credit: mag3737)

Indoor air quality, or IAQ, in the workplace is something that often fails to receive the attention it deserves. Far too few people realize that indoor air is frequently even more polluted than outdoor air. A recent article by Kelly Robinson, posted on FacilityManagement.com, highlights the relationship between IAQ at work and rates of asthma. Robinson, citing the World Health Organization, states that 33 million people are afflicted with asthma as a direct result of their exposure to the gases, dust and fumes breathed in at work. Those 33 million cases represent nearly 10 percent of all asthma cases worldwide.

To combat this problem, facilities operators must take care to clean their premises well, which means not just doing enough so that “it looks clean,” but instead taking the time to measure bacteria levels to determine whether the place is adequately clean. HEPA certified processes and products for cleaning are highly recommended and are the best way to ensure that the workplace environment’s contributions to rates of asthma is drastically reduced.



Make sure your facilities are clean. Read more here why it is important – http://www.goodway.com/hvac-blog/2013/06/iaq-and-facility-management-is-your-facility-asthma-friendly/

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