HERS Introduced the 2015 Energy Conservation Code


credits to: www.intelligentbuildingtoday.com

Homebuilders will now have to adhere to the Energy Conservation code. This helps builders build more energy efficient homes in different climate zones. The incentive for this is home buyers will now qualify for a 2066 IECC tax credit of $2000.

The only requirement is they most use 50% less energy that what was required by IECC in 2006. Not only is the way the home was constructed factored in now but also the type of lights and appliances are included. This will equate to around $100 billion in national savings by 2030.

How all of this pans out is yet to be seen, but it is definitely a step forward towards energy efficiency.

Read the whole story here – http://www.energyvanguard.com/blog-building-science-HERS-BPI/bid/71518/The-2015-Energy-Code-Will-Have-a-HERS-Rating-Compliance-Path


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