How to Save Energy Use in Hospitals

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Cutting Energy use in hospitals is a wonderful, if somewhat lofty goal. The best ways would be to unplug all those unnecessary machines, or perhaps cut back on all that ultra powerful lighting in surgical rooms? I agree with some of these ideas for cutting back on energy in this article, such as unoccupied room detectors and automatic shades, if they will actually save more money than the cost of the systems themselves.

What good does it do to install 5 million dollars worth of energy cutting equipment and systems if it only saves 500,000 a year and has to be replaced every 5 years? I would like to see a full cost analysis of all the recommended energy cutting systems before I agree with the conclusions reached by this article.

They also recommend energy efficiency through cleaner heat and power, but do not tell us how this is supposed to happen? A little more information and less political rhetoric from the clean energy crowd would have been more helpful.

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