Let’s talk about the 7 Factors of a Successful High Performance Building

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Buildings can offer different benefits and have different factors on the environment around it, the people working inside of it, and others. Some of these benefits to the environment are energy savings and are “green” buildings. During the 1990’s, the US began to focus on making buildings green and sustainable. Buildings started to become regulated more strictly, as the 2000s Congress defined high-performance buildings as buildings designed and built in the context of larger human, environmental, and economic concerns.

Legrand decided to research and have identified seven key factors behind the success of most high-performance buildings. These seven factors are Market and Economic Influences, Security and Natural Disasters, Energy Security and Climate Change, Social Equity, Changes in Building Design and Management, Information Technology, and Codes and Standards. Buildings that favor these seven factors are destined for success and will sustain that success for a long time.

Read the full article here – http://www.goodway.com/hvac-blog/2013/10/the-7-trends-behind-high-performance-buildings/


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