Managing Your Refrigerant Phaseout with The 5 Rs

refrigerant-tankMaintaining your refrigeration can become a hassle with supplies becoming scarce. If you follow The 5 Rs, you can maintain and get the most out of your equipment.


Record Keeping is the first R. Knowing your inventory will lower costs and maximize what you have.  Repair Leaks is the second R. This helps keep the R 22 in your equipment.  Recovery and Reclaim is the third R. This includes recovering and reusing your R-22.  The fourth R is Replace old equipment. By upgrading you will no longer need R-22 and will run on R-410A.  Last R is retrofit to zero ODP refrigerants. This means retrofitting to run on new refrigerants instead of R-22.


Follow these 5 R’s and you will maximize the performance of your refrigerants.


Managing Your Refrigerant Phaseout with The 5 Rs

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