Moldy Air Conditioner Got You Down? Here’s Your How To!

7701962062_7ecd149f69_mAllergies are a common problem in the Montgomery County area of MD and having a dirty AC unit will only perpetuate the issue. Fortunately cleaning a moldy AC unit requires only a little time annually and a few simple tools.


Your AC unit keeps your home comfortable by pulling moisture from the air. This moisture is the biggest contributor to developing mold inside the unit and can cause a healthy comfortable home environment to turn unhealthy. Cleaning the mold from an AC unit is simple a 5-step process that will markedly improve your AC unit performance and home comfort.


With the appropriate tools on hand; screwdriver, vacuum cleaner, rags, degreaser and a long brush, you can clean your AC unit in a matter of minutes. After removing the front plate (and any other metal components blocking access to the central AC unit) and cleaning the filter, use your brush and rags to thoroughly but carefully clean and erase mold from the inside of the unit and all parts.


The final step is to vacuum the remaining debris from the unit, remove excess degreaser or water and replace all parts and covers.


How to Clean a Moldy Air Conditioner

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