Newly Invented Mushroom Insulation

mushroomTwo RPI graduates have comes up with a way to grow mushroom insulation to form insulated panels for construction. It sound like a crazy idea but no mushrooms or spores will pop up outside the panels. They use steam to stop the growth once there is enough material. They are still in the product development stage. They were able to start their company with money received from grants and contests for new ideas. They are working on development in an invention incubator.

Their model project is called the tiny house. One problem which needs solving is the low R-value of this material. Their mushroom panels will need to be thicker than those currently produced using synthetic foam but this will be a huge improvement. As a natural product it has a much lower carbon foot print. The air quality in a house constructed this way shoul be better. The other problem they need to solve is reducing cost. They are not selling the panels yet but if they did they would be more expensive than the synthetic foam panels. They have found another use for this product. It is currently being sold as packing material.


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