Pros & Cons Of Installing a Dry R-22 System


Cooler (Photo credit: Benson Kua)

Also known as Freon gas, R-22 is being used less often in appliances and equipment. In fact, in 2020, Freon is supposed to stop being produced all together and the only way to keep using it will be to recycle it from devices that have previously used Freon.




When thinking about replacing your HVAC systems, be wary of companies trying to take advantage of this new imposed change and charge you too much. Some contractors will try to make you upgrade more than is needed, saying that you have to or that an upgrade can’t be done on one of your appliances without replacing all of them.




CAS hopes that you can find a beneficial relationship between customer and contractor. Other things that a sly contractor might say or do to make more money off of you include enticing you to buy more expensive equipment than you would have liked.


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