R-22 By The Numbers in The US

refrigerant-tankFrom year 2009 to 2012 about 8 million new air conditioning units are sold with R-22, a charge around 7 LBS each. In 2004 the sale of R-22 was 385 million LBS. The total units in service with the commercial unit would be around 14 years, residential unit is 18 years, and chiller would be 30+ years.


The weight of a commercial unit is 16 lbs, residential 7 lbs, chiller is about 450 lbs each. AHRI only releases the data as aggregates, breaking it down is practically impossible! About 11 million A/C units are bought, sold, and used a year in America. over 10000 chillers are sold and installed a year. In 2010-2012 there was 205-290 million lbs used.


Going back to 1999 there were 1.2 billion lbs. installed in that year. There was a very steep drop in 2010, now making it 2012-2013 there is approximately 1.5 billion installed in systems today.


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