Refrigerants – Flammable Or Not Flammable?

300px-Environmental_Protection_Agency_logo.svg_The EPA has just released a list of dangerous flammable refrigerants. Both homeowners and contractors should be vigilant. The list is based on “substitutes” which are reviewed on the basis of ozone depletion potential, global warming potential, toxicity, flammability, and exposure potential.


Lists of acceptable and unacceptable substitutes are updated several times each year. A chronological list of SNAP updates is also available. Some of the unacceptable refrigerants include Hexafluropropylene (HFP) which is highly toxic. Acceptable alternatives are determined to reduce the overall risk to human health and the environment. These alternatives may be used without restriction in specific end-uses.

Check out the FAQ for R-22a here –

R-22a, also known as 22a Refrigerant, is a really flammable gas/. It’s colorless and even heavier than air. The product’s Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS) states that it is composed of “liquefied petroleum gas.” Its contents have been identified as propane; in some cases, it may also contain small amounts of other hydrocarbons or a pine-scented odorant. If R-22a come into contact with an ignition source it can explode.


Here is a list of acceptable substitutes –

Beware of Flammable R-22a Refrigerants!

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