Replacing Your AC Unit? What’s the Best Time Of Year?

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It’s no secret that replacing an air conditioning system can be very expensive. However, a little bit of planning can save you a significant amount of money. For instance, waiting until your air conditioning system breaks down is a bad idea.


This is most likely to happen in the middle of a hot Summer, when prices will be highest. Winter is the best time to replace an old system. After that, Spring is your best bet. If your system is getting old, it might be best to go ahead and replace it on your schedule.


Plus, you might even be able to qualify for a tax credit if you replace it in this tax year. If you decide to replace your system, or just need help evaluation your status, Magnolia Heating & Air Conditioning is the best company to go to for all of your air conditioning needs in the greater Washington, D.C. area.


When Is the Best Time of Year to Replace Your Air Conditioner?

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