Safeway Policy (Nationwide): Reduce Leakage of Ozone-depleting Refrigerants

English: Refrigerator Deutsch: Kuehlschrank

English: Refrigerator Deutsch: Kuehlschrank (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Safeway, a chain grocery store, has agreed to pay $600,000 and to implement new policies as a result of 659 stores carrying refrigerators that were leaking ozone-depleting substances. The suit was filed by the EPA and the Justice Department against Safeway for not following regulations set by Title VI of the Clean Air Act.

This settlement involves the largest number of facilities agreeing to terms set by the Clean Air Act. Safeway plans to reduce leakage of HCFCs from 25% to at least 18% by the year 2015. This was part of the EPA’s nationwide campaign to reduce harmful leakage from refrigerators, and their GreenChill Partnership Program works with businesses to help them reduce their harmful emissions.

Read more of this act from safeway here –

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