The 4 Definitions of Energy Sources for Buildings

net-zero-energy-buildingThere is an important distinction between the different energy sources and whether they are classified as “on-site” or “off-site” production of energy. Beyond this distinction, there are 4 differing definitions of “Net Zero Energy Use” for buildings. First is Net Zero Site Energy, where energy production and use are the same for a site in a year.

Next, Net Zero Source Energy produces as much energy as is consumed, including the energy source. Net Zero Energy Costs examines only the price it pays for buying/selling energy. Finally, Net Zero Energy Emissions compares consumption and production of emissions-free energy in order to define Net Zero Energy. It is also important to recognize that some energy sources may not be recognized as site-generated energy. This depends on the specific energy source that is being considered.


Consider the energy source you use in your home or buildings. More information here –

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