Signs That Your AC Unit May Break Down

Central air conditioner unit, from left side

Central air conditioner unit, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It won’t be long before homeowners across the county will be switching on their air conditioners and anticipating that refreshingly cool blast of air on a hot or muggy day. In some cases, however, the air conditioner may not be up to the task, and you can anticipate impending problems by being aware of a few signs that your system may be on its last legs.


One sure sign of impending problems is weakling or lower than normal airflow even after you replace the filter.


Another bad sign is excessive noise, which could signal fan belt problems.


Last but not least, if your unit is simply not cooling as quickly as it once did, it should be checked out by a qualified technician to determine if it’s low on coolant or has some other issue.


As is the case with most things mechanical, with air conditioners, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Three Signs That Your AC Unit May Break Down

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