Trouble Signs For Your AC Air Handler Unit

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In increasingly warm summer months it is important to know the warning signs of a crippled or failing AC air handler unit. There are four major areas you will want to maintain and watch in order to prevent potentially costly repair on a failing or disabled air handler unit.


The fan unit which controls air circulation throughout the house should blow with ease and without noise. If there is a stutter or failure in the fan to blow or if there are abnormal noises , the fan will need to be replaced.


Second, air handlers should be free and clear of water leaks and pooling water beneath the unit. The harder the unit has to work, the more condensation can accumulate in the lines. An excess of condensation and moisture can cause line-blocking algae to form and overflow the line drain pan. Any line blockage which causes an overflow of the drain pan is referred to as a condensate leak and will need to be addressed.


Third, one of the easiest and best ways to maintain an air handler unit is to be cognizant of the filter status. Filters protect the blower fan which and air output can be doubled simply by replacing the filter.


Finally, seasonal AC maintanence will prevent contaminated blower compartments which reduce indoor air quality.


AC Air Handler Unit Trouble Signs

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