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I just read a short article in the scientific publication,”Energy Vanguard”, about a Canadian building scientist by the name of Dr. Joe Lstiburek. He is the creator of an invention he calls the “Turbo Thermo-Encabulator Max. The author of this article, another scientist by the name of Dr. Allison Bailes speaks about the invention but never really explains in laymen’s English what the darned thing does.


In his article he seems to playfully chide Dr. Joe, as he calls him, for what he calls besmirching his good character when the inventor refers to him as a “troublemaker” and a “pain in the ass”. Although the invention appears to be a real device, worthy of discussion, the article just goes on about an “inner circle, within an inner circle” of scientists and intellectuals who have some sort of playful rivalry going on between them.


There was a video clip accompanying the article featuring Dr. Joe and Dr. Bailes. In the video, the two discussed in more detail the purpose of the Turbo Thermo-Encabulator Max, but in vague scientific language that was not meant for the average “Joe”. I almost could not believe this was a real situation. It seemed so parodied. They were having a good time acting out some sort of interview regarding Dr. Joe’s work and just what benefits his invention would bring forth. I am curious as to whether this was just some good natured fun.

My Interview with the Inventor of the Turbo Thermo-Encabulator Max

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