Ways to Detect Leaks of Refrigerants

air conditioner leak detectorsIf your company has a refrigeration system, it will pay you in time and money saved to install a refrigerant tracking system calld TracRef. Go to Polar Technology’s website www.refrigerantauthority.com to see if this system will work for you. Companies are responsible for complying with State and Federal regulations re, refrigeration systems and can be fined for noncompliance. It is important to be able to detect leaks in your system. Leaks of refrigerants can also be life-threatening as well as costly.

A good way to detect leaks is by using special soap formulations to actually be able to see some leaks. See the website www.contractingbusiness.com to find other ways to detect refrigerant leaks.


Get to know the ways of detecting leaks here – http://refrigerantauthority.com/do-you-know-how-to-detect-a-refrigerant-leak/


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