What does the Reverse Supply Side Economics says about the future r-22 prices?

6869772267_859961ebb2_mThe theory of Supply Side Economic was to stimulate consumer demand while also increasing spending,, raising taxes and stimulating the economy. The “Demand Side” stated they would have to buy more products that producers would have to manufacture. Now there is another theory which is Reverse Supply Side Economics, this theory was for those that just wanted a singular outcome without any regard to the market dynamics that are directly towards regulation. The EPA uses a vintage model that is to anticipate the adjusted demand based on ongoing supply restrictions. The EPA is mandating the end of one of the most widely used refrigerants in modern times by the year 2020.

The market is going to fall like dominos to this outcome. There will be shortages of R-22, Increased prices of R-22, Increased maintenance events to convert R-22 to replacement refrigerants, then the scrapping of perfectly good systems for systems that use new refrigerants. The ending to this beautiful story is that the consumer gets stuck with the bill that the government should have handled. In 2020 there will be no HCFC new refrigerants produced. There will be a massive supply of R–22. Its up to us on how this goes. Be prepared!


See how it will affect the economy, read more here – http://refrigerantauthority.com/predicting-r-22-prices-reverse-supply-side-economics/

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