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Families can be overwhelmed with daily duties inside the home, let alone outside of the home. With a busy household, organization is a must. The kitchen seems to be the one room in the house where all the action takes place.

Therefore, great tips on how to organize your kitchen are most helpful. Without a complete kitchen makeover, simple and practical tips can make life a little less hectic.

Start with a clean surface and use your flavor and flair for the kitchen you feel comfortable in, yet allowing your space to do what it’s designed to do. Your family and your peace of mind will thank you!

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Dust Collector: Your Solution to Airborne Dusts


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Airborne dust particles are responsible for so many respiratory illnesses and diseases if there is prolonged exposed in your home or office. There is now equipment that is designed to filter out these harmful and annoying dust particles which was created by air movement specialists called Franquip Dust collector, which is available in four different sizes to suite your needs..

This innovative technology will help to keep you and your family safe from colds or even asthma attacks all while reducing the airborne allergens in your home. Every family should have an air filter in their home for their health and safety.

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Different Mounting Options of Enclosure Cooling Units


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EIC Solutions has designed multiple mounting options for its thermoelectric units. These new mounting options provide a more secure fit between the mount and the enclosure case that protects the units. This ensures top tier protection to the thermoelectric units by keeping out foreign materials and deterring damage from external forces.

Its design accommodates multiple mounting scenarios for new installations, can add extra flexibility to existing units or provide custom designed solutions for special installations. A USA company, EIC Solutions creates enclosures that provide protection in all climates. This allows a more efficient and comforting operation of the equipment by its user.

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Hotel Room Air Conditioner Awareness

White Palm Hotel, Cannes

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You never know what could be hiding behind the vent of your hotel room air conditioning unit. Many units are simply forgotten about in the daily clean-up of the room and they can be riddled with mold or rust and be releasing horrible smells into the air.

The next time you are staying in a hotel room, be sure to look at the wall unit and make sure you are not contaminating yourself of family. If corrosion or mold is discovered, you can speak with the front desk and have them clean the unit or request to be changed to a new room.

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High Energy Bills Every Month? Find Out Why..

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Why were this Mississippi woman’s energy bills running $600 in the summer? She called the local co-op energy company to find out.

They sent someone to investigate. She explained to him that the air conditioner ran night and day, yet the house did not cool down. In fact, the house was extremely uncomfortable, never cooling to below 80 degrees.

After checking the attic for a possible disconnected duct and finding that intact, he turned off the electrical resistance heat(a.k.a. strip heat) in the HVAC system. This is where he found the problem: the heating and cooling system were running at the same time.

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Having a Mold Problem at School? Know How to Fight This.

Mold Issues - inside Sunbury Elem. School in G...

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Washington High School in Atlanta had experienced a very wet summer causing the school to shut down due to mold. When an environment experiences lots of moist wet weather it can affect buildings and can contaminate school with mold and low levels of mold spores. Having these problems in the schools can be caused by leaky roofs, humidity and gutters that cause water to drain around the building.

Mold can cause serious health problems like asthma attacks, allergic reactions and other serious respiratory reactions to staff and students. Mold can grow almost anywhere and not having proper ventilation can make this condition worse.  Mold can grow on almost any surface, it’s important to have those areas cleaned and removed of mold. There are many ways to prevent this mold from reoccurring.

Make sure that you fix any leaks as soon as you see them. Watch for condensation when it gets too muggy, vent any appliances that cause moisture to go outside. Dry damp areas with 48 hours to prevent mold from growing. It’s important to protect the foundation and make sure that the drainage is working properly and flowing away from the building. Taking these precautions can save alot of time and money in the long run.

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Compact HVAC Systems Compatible for High Rises Buildings

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LG Electronics announces a new and compact HVAC system that is designed for high-rises and eliminates the hassle of larger and more complex machines. Previously, large buildings had to make do with large rooftop and other outdoor assemblies.

By contrast, the LG Multi V Water Mini weighs 168 pounds and can easily fit into any closet. The unit operates quietly and requires no cumbersome electrical upgrades. In addition, the Water Mini’s new compressor design and optimized heat exchanger reduces energy consumption and cost, as determined by AHRI.

The Multi V Water Mini is the first entrant in a new generation of HVAC systems from LG that aim to reduce energy use, decrease floor space requirements and simplify operations. With the Water Mini, LG is poised to enter a growing market where consumers can take advantage of HVAC technology without the associated hassles.

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A New Developed Chiller Technology

Ground source heating and cooling

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Durex Industries located in Cary, Illinois has announced a new patent pending item that has developed a new Chiller Technology. The mechanism is capable of reaching heating degrees of 100°C to 450°C per second and cooling capability to descend from 450°C to 100°C per second.

This multilayer monolithic ceramic  technology will revolutionize the heating and cooling industry.

As one of the leading designers in North America, Durex Industries is proudly awaiting approval to introduce this new idea to the industry. Everyone in the heating and cooling industry, keep your ears and eyes open for this astounding new technology.

This is here to stay! Thermal systems and controls will never be the same. Check out the breakdown of this new technology for yourself!

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US’ Energy’s Present Situation

Wind Energy

Wind Energy (Photo credit: janie.hernandez55)

US energy future unfolding?

While total energy consumption is slightly down, natural gas, wind and solar sourcing are up.  The most surprising change in US energy sourcing is that from 2011 to 2012, coal use is down 12% for the period.  Another interesting figure is in power generation.  Almost 40% of our energy consumption is used to generate electricity. Petroleum use is down a bit and nuclear has also dropped due to four plants being shut down.

While the trend is slow, it’s also clear.  Cleaner sources are growing and consumers, business and industry alike are reducing energy use. If you’re an environmentalist, this news is encouraging.  If you’re a consumer, you can find satisfaction in your energy bills.

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What do Waltmart – Class HVAC Systems Have?


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If you have worked hard enough to build your dream home then you want to make sure to use a smart construction design for maximum energy savings. Many homeowners spare no expense when it comes to their home only to wind up ruining the design by using a low quality HVAC installation that gives them a poor distribution system.

Using improperly designed wall ducts can result in some rooms in your home being warmer or colder than others.  Proper installation of heating and venting ducts is required if you want to be reap the energy saving results of a high quality heating system.

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