‘Work Smart, Not Hard’ Is It a Good Idea?

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Abel B. Ramirez II’s attention was sparked by Dirty Job’s Mike Rowe saying that “Work Smart, NOT Hard” is bad advice. It only makes sense that if you are working smarter, finding more efficient ways of doing things to get the job done faster, than you aren’t having to work hard.

But in reality, any successful person in any trade knows that it takes both smart and hard work. In the 1970s, there was a push to get people to go to college. So “Work Smart, Not Hard” was used to appeal to the masses about getting educated and ditching blue collar work.

But whether you are doing white or blue collar work, smarter work and harder work will always pay off. If you need or want a new job, think smart and work hard and there will be opportunities out there that other people are refusing to take or never dreamed they could do.


Save Energy with Programmable Thermostats

English: Thermostat FLZ 541 Русский: Термостат...

English: Thermostat FLZ 541 Русский: Термостат FLZ 541 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Programmable thermostats must be set correctly in order to give you the most savings. The most important thing to remember is that in order to save money, you must program your thermostat so your heating an cooling system works less.

Often, homeowners neglect to take advantage of the energy saving possibilities when they fail to to program their thermostats for less cooling or heating when they are away from home, or sleeping. Since a new heating and cooling system almost always comes with a new thermostat, the homeowner may not realize that they could get even more savings on their energy bill by a detailed adjustment to the thermostat!


See how to save energy with programmable thermostats  – http://www.energyvanguard.com/blog-building-science-HERS-BPI/bid/65651/Do-Programmable-Thermostats-Save-Energy” target=”_blank

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Boosting the Indoor Air Quality in Your Apartment

After living in a new place for a while, you may begin to notice that the air you breathe is causing you to either gasp for more or wish for less. That may be because your home does not have proper ventilation from the windows or the air system installed in your space.


The best solution to this is not to contact a construction company, but to look at what you can change in a specific room or from a certain source. Odors can be taken care of using something as simple as a moist towel, and your clean air problems can be handled with a bathroom vent.


Boosting the Indoor Air Quality in Your Apartment