‘Work Smart, Not Hard’ Is It a Good Idea?

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photo credits to: www.thecontrolsfreak.com

Abel B. Ramirez II’s attention was sparked by Dirty Job’s Mike Rowe saying that “Work Smart, NOT Hard” is bad advice. It only makes sense that if you are working smarter, finding more efficient ways of doing things to get the job done faster, than you aren’t having to work hard.

But in reality, any successful person in any trade knows that it takes both smart and hard work. In the 1970s, there was a push to get people to go to college. So “Work Smart, Not Hard” was used to appeal to the masses about getting educated and ditching blue collar work.

But whether you are doing white or blue collar work, smarter work and harder work will always pay off. If you need or want a new job, think smart and work hard and there will be opportunities out there that other people are refusing to take or never dreamed they could do.


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